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Everlasting Summer is a free-to-play Russian visual novel by Soviet Games  released in 2014. Usually the Manic Pixie Dream Girl as a storytelling trope serves to romance a reserved, closeted man, such as Semyon exactly, and allows the male character to take the more passive, traditionally quote-feminine-unquote role in pursuing the relationship that just feels so much safer and allows him to comfortably grow out of his shell.

However, over time, the game started to distinguish itself from the Ilchan mascots eroge” idea, so the game had its title changed to suit the change in direction, opting for Everlasting Summer. One of the characters in game points this out to her, in an inside joke that went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over my head.

As developer Dmitry Nozhnin recalled in a 2013 article, shadier stores used to sell some Russian games packed in boxes carrying the English version cover designs, as Russian-language titles hurt sales. Animesque : Although set in Russia and originally released in the Russian language, the style of game play and visual design of the characters clearly take influence from Japanese visual novels.

It is the only Vn I have played in which I don't have a favorite character. Visual novels may not be everyone's cup of tea, especially since they involve a lot of reading and waiting around for the characters to interact without your input. Stay up to date to find out when the Kickstarter date is announced, you can check SovietGames' Twitter and blog.

Still, those rare Russian video games that do manage to take off tend to become beloved classics within the country. It does nothing new or original in terms of plot, player choice, or characters. The game has a very diverse cast of characters, which, as I mentioned before, are all (or, mostly) mascots of the 2chan board.

In May 2017, Soviet Games, the developers of the very popular free-to-play visual novel, Everlasting Summer, started a thread on the Super Star Steam Discussion forum stating that SakuraGame has taken backgrounds from Everlasting Summer without permission and used it in their game, while also selling it on the Community Market.

As a quick note, I played the game as it was available upon Steam, which means that the adult content was not available in my copy of the game (it is easy to restore the adult content, as a quick search online will be able to point you in the right direction very quickly, but FunnyCommentary I opted not to do that while playing the game for this review).

The characters do not have voices at the moment, but crowds can sometimes be heard in the background, which was interesting in the bar or club settings. You are supposed to stumble around aimlessly until you find an answer, and not all answers, heck, not even all good endings, involve one of the girls.

I only played it once, so I didn't get the true ending”, and maybe then I would have seen a more complex story, but I'm not going through five more bland, meaningless stories to get to the real one. I have this in my steam library, I've only played about 15 mins of this, but I've been meaning to give it another shot.

Not only that, but the game also has quite the history on Eastern European imageboards, since it spent a lot of time in development. You might be interested in taking a look at our first game, Everlasting Summer, that was a huge success and the most downloaded visual novel ever on Steam.

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